Saturday Night

For those who have registered for the conference but not for the Saturday night you might want to reconsider when you have a look at the line-up.

A part from a brilliant buffet meal at the recently restored Mayfair [this used to be the picture theatre where I went to the movies as a kid] we will have:

  • A keynote from Canadian Tim Hurson. You can see Tim in action here
  • A performance by Alina Siegfried who is the current New Zealand Poetry Slam champion (performance poetry competition)
  • A performance by the HITMEN. You may have seen them in New Zealand’s Got Talent. This them in action.
  • and to top it all off one of the best country rock / blues bands around – and I say this from experience. I am their drummer so I may be a little biased
  • and some surprises that I’m not going to reveal because then they wouldn’t be surprises!!
  • All this for only $35.
  • Go to Lilregie and get yourself a place for Saturday night. You may well regret it if you don’t!

WORKSHOP: Tama tu Tama ora Tama noho Tama mate – To stand is to live to lie down is to die [90 mins]

Tama tu Tama ora Tama noho Tama mate
To stand is to live to lie down is to die
Ngahau and Debbie Davis [Aotearoa]

Ngahau Davis and his wife Debbie have worked in the Far North community of Moerewa for more than 20 twenty years working with a committed group of local people to create positive opportunity for people in their community – in Debbie’s words – ” to shine”.

A key element in a lot of the innovations that has happened in their community is the space to have robust conversation and over the years this has been the platform for movement and positive change in their community.

Ngahau and Debbie come with a team of people who are working on innovative projects based in Moerewa and the mid north region of the far north, dealing with huge social and economic issues. This is played out in the form of whanau driven learning, whanau driven justice and community driven sustainable economics . You will hear stories real coal face community struggles and creativity. Hear the learning’s from this committed group of people.