Creativity – Lessons from Masters [90 min workshop]

Creativity – lessons from Masters
Bruce Hammonds [New Zealand]

(Bring along pencil and paper to undertake activities to develop creativity)

This  interactive presentation acknowledges the importance of creativity but faces up to why it is that creativity is not central to in our personal lives, our organisations and in particular our schools .

Why is creativity so important? Do we all have the potential to be creative?

What is it that blocks creativity in our lives and in our organisations? Why do so many of us give up?

What do we have to change to create conditions so that creativity will flourish?

What are lessons we can learn from masters in any field past and present? What do such individuals have in common and how can we apply their lessons to our own lives, the organisations we work in and the students we teach?

Do we really understand the creative process; the need to value the apprenticeship stage in creativity; and the importance of effort, grit, and practice? Why are schools (and organisations generally) so destructive to student creativity? Why is it that many creative people found schooling difficult? What traits do such people have that still enable them to realize their creative potential?

Is it really possible for us all to be creative? Can we develop all organisations to encourage creativity? And, most important of all, how can we re-imagine schools so that all students are able to develop their own unique set of talents and leave with positive learning identities.

The presentation will cover the ideas of such creativity gurus as Sir Ken Robinson, Howard Gardner, Guy Claxton, Robert Greene and Elwyn Richardson as well as insights Bruce has picked up from his own attempts at creativity and from the creative teachers he has worked with.

Bruce Hammonds

Bruce is a humorous and enthusiastic presenter who has survived a long career in education.  He believes strongly that the true purpose of education is developing the talents and gifts of all students. He began his career as a nature study specialist, was transformed into a science adviser. His role was to assist teachers learn about their environment and for them to value the questions and ideas of their students. Later he became a classroom teacher in an attempt to put creative teaching ideas into action himself.  After a brief spell as an art adviser he was appointed a school principal where he tried to develop a school based on valuing student creativity. He completed his career as an independent learning adviser and has been invited to share his ideas both nationally and internationally.

He still worries that education is  as uncreative as ever with too many students leaving with little to show for their attendance at a time when developing the talents of all citizens is the most important thing a country can focus on. As we enter the 21stC we desperately need to transform our education system to ensure the diverse and unique talents of all learners are valued and amplified.

He continues to share creative teaching ideas through his blog  but is now occupies himself developing his large wilderness garden, trying to take his own advice to become an artist and wondering where all the years went

If you want to be more creative change your habits! [90 min workshop]

You will never be more creative than you are now if you keep doing what you always do. This workshop will help you discover what you need to do to uncover the creativity in your life

  • identify the seven habits of highly creative people
  • identify which habits are supporting your creativity and plan to enhance them
  • identify which habits are undermining your creativity and develop strategies for creating better ones

Wayne Morris

Wayne is the founder of Future Edge Ltd, a New Zealand based consultancy that specializes in applying ‘whole brain’ approaches to leading, learning and creating. Having originally trained as a teacher he has taught creative arts across all New Zealand education sectors. He is also an experienced trainer of teachers. He has spent the last 20 years working across a wide range of business, industry and community sectors.  He is an experienced, pragmatic and entertaining trainer and coach. He has the academic qualifications in organisational development, vocational education and training, and a broad business experience that supports his work. He has facilitated a range of leadership development workshops inNew Zealandand creativity workshops in New Zealand ,Singapore, Namibia, Dubai, Canada and South Africa. Wayne is also an artist with works in collections in New Zealand and overseas. He is a percussion addict and plays drums in several bands. He is the author of the recently published book ‘The Creative Edge Workshop’.




WORKSHOP: Tama tu Tama ora Tama noho Tama mate – To stand is to live to lie down is to die [90 mins]

Tama tu Tama ora Tama noho Tama mate
To stand is to live to lie down is to die
Ngahau and Debbie Davis [Aotearoa]

Ngahau Davis and his wife Debbie have worked in the Far North community of Moerewa for more than 20 twenty years working with a committed group of local people to create positive opportunity for people in their community – in Debbie’s words – ” to shine”.

A key element in a lot of the innovations that has happened in their community is the space to have robust conversation and over the years this has been the platform for movement and positive change in their community.

Ngahau and Debbie come with a team of people who are working on innovative projects based in Moerewa and the mid north region of the far north, dealing with huge social and economic issues. This is played out in the form of whanau driven learning, whanau driven justice and community driven sustainable economics . You will hear stories real coal face community struggles and creativity. Hear the learning’s from this committed group of people.

The CHILL Workshop with Tessa Clarke

During the conference Tessa Clarke is offering an opportunity to CHILL Look for this in the programme. It will be offered on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Art of Breathing Workshop with Tessa Clarke

With the understanding that “Happiness is the birthright of every human being” (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and that our current rajasic (hectic) lifestyles are such as to challenge this on a daily basis; we acknowledge that creativity is an essential quality of well- being. We are all creative in some way or other, but our creative spark is often extinguished through stess, anxiety, fear of failure, crisis and the endless preoccupation with our daily ‘stuff’. As we get better able to relax and to spend more time in the NOW we will more often be surprised by our creative impulses.
The Art of Breathing Workshop vividly conveys practical wisdom to aid us in a more balanced lifestyle and offers useful tools to help meet the challenges of everyday life with a smile! How? Guided meditation, simple yet powerful yoga, knowledge of the mind- body- breath, breathing techniques & more…. Facilitators offer a relaxed & nurturing environment where participants are free to experience the healing nature of their true Self. Workshop participants will take away simple tools which can easily be fitted into a busy lifestyle, to help us live life to our full creative potential.

Tessa Clarke
As a qualified yoga teacher and facilitator with the Art of Living Foundation, Tessa has been working in the stress management and holistic health field for 7 years. Originally from the UK, her journey has taken her through her own personal experience of stress together with an exploration into the tools available to overcome it. With a professional background in food safety, training & consultancy; Tessa’s most exciting challenge has been to blend together the two areas of her life which she has been successfully enjoying for the last 3 years. Her passion to help people manage stress and live a more connected, joyful & creative life shines through with ease, humour and sensitivity in the Art of Breathing workshop.
The Art of Living Foundation is a charitable organisation which has been offering stress management and self development programmes around the globe for the last 30 years. The Vision of the organisation is to bring a smile to every face; shown most recently in Christchurch, where they have been offering free post- earthquake de- stress courses since October 2010 to help people overcome their trauma.
Link to website:

Keys to Creativity [4hr workshop]

Keys to Creativity
Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne [New Zealand]

A key is a clever little device that enables us to walk through a wall. The problem is that different walls require different keys and they’re not all available from a locksmith.
In terms of creativity the big challenge is to find a way through the education ‘wall’. Unfortunately, as Ken Robinson says. “We are educating people out of their creative capacities.”
What can be done to make a difference? One of the most startling clues comes from a study led by Robert Root-Bernstein, a professor at Michigan State University. The team discovered that Nobel prize-winning scientists were about twenty times more likely to be strongly involved in the arts than other scientists.
The science-art link suggests a radical rethink of education. Do the arts contain something that is relevant to creativity in other fields? If the arts are closely connected with high-end innovation in science, what are we doing about it? Could there be something fundamentally transformative about certain arts practices?
Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne have been on the case for longer than most. Their experience with thousands of students leaves them no doubt that the potential of art is much bigger than the making of art itself.
The arts are central to understanding the creative process because they require a different approach to thinking. This workshop delivers an experience of ‘art thinking’ that is the key to creative change. It is relevant to any area in which creativity is important – education, self-development, science, business, innovation and of course the making of art.

The ‘take-aways’ include practice in:
• using senses differently
• awakening intuition
• crossing disciplinary boundaries (art to science etc)
• the basics of reflective learning
• group dynamics and creativity
• play as a creative tactic

All tools and materials provided.

Safety warning: the workshop is dangerous to established habits. Wear clothes suitable for an art session.

Facilitators: Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne

Jonathan Milne, author of GO! ‘The art of change’, managing director of The Learning Connexion
Alice Wilson Milne, course designer/inventor, practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry, author of ‘Two Wings to Fly’ (in press), co-director of The Learning Connexion.


Creative Stone [4hr workshop]

Creative stone carving workshop

Four hours, one block of stone, no rules.

NOTE: If you are planning on coming to Anna’s workshop [and numbers are limited to 10] you will need to bring overalls or suitable clothing. Anna warns that it will be dusty!!

The essence of creativity is unblocking the mind from rules and conformity, letting go of the preciousness of the materials, empowering the process. This workshop teaches people that carving is for anyone, no special skills required. My goal when I teach is to share the greatest passion of my life which I found at the age of four when I started carving wood. Everyone will learn to carve, it’s unlikely that anyone will finish anything, but that’s not the point, we will laugh and have fun and maybe throw them all in the ocean at the end. All materials and tools provided.

Anna Korver

Director of award winning sculpture and photography company Korver Molloy Ltd and established New Zealand artist with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury. Korver works nationally and internationally, exhibiting, attending symposiums and completing commissions.

Korver’s works are feminine in their identity and perspective, the fundamental concepts and feeling of the works inviting intimacy and personal connection. The forms conceal complex ideas about feminine roles and the projection of the inner self thru the outer form. Often abstracted and minimalist, they challenge what is traditionally female and deconstruct the social power relationships within these roles. Current works are more tightly tied to the construction of industry and technology which is seen as a male domain compared to the traditionally feminine practice of hand crafts.

Korver is also a trustee on the board of Eco Artists New Zealand, a charitable trust that uses funds from the sales of art to help environmental projects, specifically focusing on native New Zealand species and their ecosystems.

Come to your senses [90 min workshop]

Come to your senses
Jonathan Milne [New Zealand]

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity.” Ray Bradbury

How can we get out of the great western history of armchair thinking? Find your wings of course. The wings are our senses. They start with the sense of wonder and they include a sense of humour. When we discover how to trust our senses we can learn to fly. The flight is called creativity.

This introductory workshop is about exploring creativity through action. The action does show some respect towards western thinking but it is mostly concerned to help you learn how to make a creative jump without breaking your leg.

Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne is the author of ‘GO! The art of change.’ GO focuses on creativity skills which emerge from easily accessible art experiences and may be transferred to fields such as science, education, business and so on. Jonathan has been guided over the years by students who prefer action to theory. Eventually he realised that the practice IS the theory. This has implications for education, like doing several impossible things before breakfast and saving the economy.

Discovering our creative potential [4hr workshop]

Discovering our creative potential
Paora Joseph [Aotearoa]

The aim of this 4 hour workshop is to show us how to discover and hold on to our creative potential. The workshop will inspire, inform and encourage our innate creativity.

The following themes will be explored:

• What is creative potential
• How do we discover our creative potential
• How do we discover our creative essence
• How do we establish an intention or purpose
• How do we align our creative essence with an intention
• What is creative vision
• How do we develop confidence in our vision
• Earth mirrors – How can we utilise signs from our daily life and dreams to fulfill our creative vision
• How do we make room in our life for creative time
• What will anchor us to our creative vision

Paora Joseph

From growing up in the wild-west Kumara Country of Ruawai to studying Psychoanalysis in London at the Klein Institute…attending mass with Mother Teresa to sharing tea with His Holiness the Dalai Lama…being Princess Diana’s personal steward while in the RNZAF, to falling flat on his face in front of 100 Whanganui Iwi…confronting 10-foot waves in Bali to meditating in the presence of a mountain lion in the isolated mountains of Colorado, Paora Joseph has lived through many extraordinary and colorful life experiences.

He states, “I have come to realize that we are all of one family, wanting to make our own unique contribution to this modern world. I believe that once we discover our potential and the unique relationship we can have with ourselves, each other and the land then our contribution becomes a reality.

An elder once told Paora, “ When people ask me if I’m Maori, my reply is, no, I’m Mauri.” Mauri means ‘energy’. En-er-gy (noun) means 1. Power 2. Vitality 3. Dynamism 4. Vigor

“My Mauri, ‘my energy’ goes into being a Father, a Husband, a Film Maker and Psychologist.

I look forward to sharing ‘my energy’ and experience with you throughout these two workshops – an exchange of Mauri and creative potential in a modern world. “



Creative Blogging [90 min workshop]

Creative Blogging
Sonya Cole and Bridget Roper
[New Zealand]

Our session will cover the basics of setting up a blog and how to find inspiration to express yourself creatively through a blog regardless of who you are, or why you are blogging, be it a personal or a business blog.

We will introduce participants to the world of blogging with a whistle stop tour through the different blogging platforms available, we will explain how to promote your blog, how to connect with social networks and how your blog can build your profile and help you establish yourself in your chosen field and why content marketing means creativity is good for business.

We will also launch a thirty day blogging challenge to get participants off to a great start, providing them with themes and ideas of what to blog about, and how to avoid writers block.
Participants will:

  • Learn about different blog platforms and how to choose which one is right for them
  • How to be creative with blog layout and content
  • Be invited to participate in a 30 day blogging challenge to get their blog started

About Sonya and Bridget:

Sonya Cole, founded Cue Social Media in 2010, out of a passion for all things ‘social’ – media, networking and branding. Backed by a strong business administration background & six years as a search engine web marketer combined with an infatuation for technology, gadgets & everything digital, her wish is to cultivate a passion for social media in others.

Bridget Roper contracts her content creation services to Cue Social Media and provides clients with quality original content for their websites and social media.

Both Sonya and Bridget offer a wide range of social media services including client specific social media training, social marketing and networking tools, as well as strategic planning, and digital marketing implementation.