Discovering our creative potential [4hr workshop]

Discovering our creative potential
Paora Joseph [Aotearoa]

The aim of this 4 hour workshop is to show us how to discover and hold on to our creative potential. The workshop will inspire, inform and encourage our innate creativity.

The following themes will be explored:

• What is creative potential
• How do we discover our creative potential
• How do we discover our creative essence
• How do we establish an intention or purpose
• How do we align our creative essence with an intention
• What is creative vision
• How do we develop confidence in our vision
• Earth mirrors – How can we utilise signs from our daily life and dreams to fulfill our creative vision
• How do we make room in our life for creative time
• What will anchor us to our creative vision

Paora Joseph

From growing up in the wild-west Kumara Country of Ruawai to studying Psychoanalysis in London at the Klein Institute…attending mass with Mother Teresa to sharing tea with His Holiness the Dalai Lama…being Princess Diana’s personal steward while in the RNZAF, to falling flat on his face in front of 100 Whanganui Iwi…confronting 10-foot waves in Bali to meditating in the presence of a mountain lion in the isolated mountains of Colorado, Paora Joseph has lived through many extraordinary and colorful life experiences.

He states, “I have come to realize that we are all of one family, wanting to make our own unique contribution to this modern world. I believe that once we discover our potential and the unique relationship we can have with ourselves, each other and the land then our contribution becomes a reality.

An elder once told Paora, “ When people ask me if I’m Maori, my reply is, no, I’m Mauri.” Mauri means ‘energy’. En-er-gy (noun) means 1. Power 2. Vitality 3. Dynamism 4. Vigor

“My Mauri, ‘my energy’ goes into being a Father, a Husband, a Film Maker and Psychologist.

I look forward to sharing ‘my energy’ and experience with you throughout these two workshops – an exchange of Mauri and creative potential in a modern world. “



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