Keys to Creativity [4hr workshop]

Keys to Creativity
Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne [New Zealand]

A key is a clever little device that enables us to walk through a wall. The problem is that different walls require different keys and they’re not all available from a locksmith.
In terms of creativity the big challenge is to find a way through the education ‘wall’. Unfortunately, as Ken Robinson says. “We are educating people out of their creative capacities.”
What can be done to make a difference? One of the most startling clues comes from a study led by Robert Root-Bernstein, a professor at Michigan State University. The team discovered that Nobel prize-winning scientists were about twenty times more likely to be strongly involved in the arts than other scientists.
The science-art link suggests a radical rethink of education. Do the arts contain something that is relevant to creativity in other fields? If the arts are closely connected with high-end innovation in science, what are we doing about it? Could there be something fundamentally transformative about certain arts practices?
Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne have been on the case for longer than most. Their experience with thousands of students leaves them no doubt that the potential of art is much bigger than the making of art itself.
The arts are central to understanding the creative process because they require a different approach to thinking. This workshop delivers an experience of ‘art thinking’ that is the key to creative change. It is relevant to any area in which creativity is important – education, self-development, science, business, innovation and of course the making of art.

The ‘take-aways’ include practice in:
• using senses differently
• awakening intuition
• crossing disciplinary boundaries (art to science etc)
• the basics of reflective learning
• group dynamics and creativity
• play as a creative tactic

All tools and materials provided.

Safety warning: the workshop is dangerous to established habits. Wear clothes suitable for an art session.

Facilitators: Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne

Jonathan Milne, author of GO! ‘The art of change’, managing director of The Learning Connexion
Alice Wilson Milne, course designer/inventor, practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry, author of ‘Two Wings to Fly’ (in press), co-director of The Learning Connexion.