Creative Stone [4hr workshop]

Creative stone carving workshop

Four hours, one block of stone, no rules.

NOTE: If you are planning on coming to Anna’s workshop [and numbers are limited to 10] you will need to bring overalls or suitable clothing. Anna warns that it will be dusty!!

The essence of creativity is unblocking the mind from rules and conformity, letting go of the preciousness of the materials, empowering the process. This workshop teaches people that carving is for anyone, no special skills required. My goal when I teach is to share the greatest passion of my life which I found at the age of four when I started carving wood. Everyone will learn to carve, it’s unlikely that anyone will finish anything, but that’s not the point, we will laugh and have fun and maybe throw them all in the ocean at the end. All materials and tools provided.

Anna Korver

Director of award winning sculpture and photography company Korver Molloy Ltd and established New Zealand artist with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury. Korver works nationally and internationally, exhibiting, attending symposiums and completing commissions.

Korver’s works are feminine in their identity and perspective, the fundamental concepts and feeling of the works inviting intimacy and personal connection. The forms conceal complex ideas about feminine roles and the projection of the inner self thru the outer form. Often abstracted and minimalist, they challenge what is traditionally female and deconstruct the social power relationships within these roles. Current works are more tightly tied to the construction of industry and technology which is seen as a male domain compared to the traditionally feminine practice of hand crafts.

Korver is also a trustee on the board of Eco Artists New Zealand, a charitable trust that uses funds from the sales of art to help environmental projects, specifically focusing on native New Zealand species and their ecosystems.