Creative Blogging [90 min workshop]

Creative Blogging
Sonya Cole and Bridget Roper
[New Zealand]

Our session will cover the basics of setting up a blog and how to find inspiration to express yourself creatively through a blog regardless of who you are, or why you are blogging, be it a personal or a business blog.

We will introduce participants to the world of blogging with a whistle stop tour through the different blogging platforms available, we will explain how to promote your blog, how to connect with social networks and how your blog can build your profile and help you establish yourself in your chosen field and why content marketing means creativity is good for business.

We will also launch a thirty day blogging challenge to get participants off to a great start, providing them with themes and ideas of what to blog about, and how to avoid writers block.
Participants will:

  • Learn about different blog platforms and how to choose which one is right for them
  • How to be creative with blog layout and content
  • Be invited to participate in a 30 day blogging challenge to get their blog started

About Sonya and Bridget:

Sonya Cole, founded Cue Social Media in 2010, out of a passion for all things ‘social’ – media, networking and branding. Backed by a strong business administration background & six years as a search engine web marketer combined with an infatuation for technology, gadgets & everything digital, her wish is to cultivate a passion for social media in others.

Bridget Roper contracts her content creation services to Cue Social Media and provides clients with quality original content for their websites and social media.

Both Sonya and Bridget offer a wide range of social media services including client specific social media training, social marketing and networking tools, as well as strategic planning, and digital marketing implementation.