Come to your senses [90 min workshop]

Come to your senses
Jonathan Milne [New Zealand]

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity.” Ray Bradbury

How can we get out of the great western history of armchair thinking? Find your wings of course. The wings are our senses. They start with the sense of wonder and they include a sense of humour. When we discover how to trust our senses we can learn to fly. The flight is called creativity.

This introductory workshop is about exploring creativity through action. The action does show some respect towards western thinking but it is mostly concerned to help you learn how to make a creative jump without breaking your leg.

Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne is the author of ‘GO! The art of change.’ GO focuses on creativity skills which emerge from easily accessible art experiences and may be transferred to fields such as science, education, business and so on. Jonathan has been guided over the years by students who prefer action to theory. Eventually he realised that the practice IS the theory. This has implications for education, like doing several impossible things before breakfast and saving the economy.