The CHILL Workshop with Tessa Clarke

During the conference Tessa Clarke is offering an opportunity to CHILL Look for this in the programme. It will be offered on both Saturday and Sunday.

The Art of Breathing Workshop with Tessa Clarke

With the understanding that “Happiness is the birthright of every human being” (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and that our current rajasic (hectic) lifestyles are such as to challenge this on a daily basis; we acknowledge that creativity is an essential quality of well- being. We are all creative in some way or other, but our creative spark is often extinguished through stess, anxiety, fear of failure, crisis and the endless preoccupation with our daily ‘stuff’. As we get better able to relax and to spend more time in the NOW we will more often be surprised by our creative impulses.
The Art of Breathing Workshop vividly conveys practical wisdom to aid us in a more balanced lifestyle and offers useful tools to help meet the challenges of everyday life with a smile! How? Guided meditation, simple yet powerful yoga, knowledge of the mind- body- breath, breathing techniques & more…. Facilitators offer a relaxed & nurturing environment where participants are free to experience the healing nature of their true Self. Workshop participants will take away simple tools which can easily be fitted into a busy lifestyle, to help us live life to our full creative potential.

Tessa Clarke
As a qualified yoga teacher and facilitator with the Art of Living Foundation, Tessa has been working in the stress management and holistic health field for 7 years. Originally from the UK, her journey has taken her through her own personal experience of stress together with an exploration into the tools available to overcome it. With a professional background in food safety, training & consultancy; Tessa’s most exciting challenge has been to blend together the two areas of her life which she has been successfully enjoying for the last 3 years. Her passion to help people manage stress and live a more connected, joyful & creative life shines through with ease, humour and sensitivity in the Art of Breathing workshop.
The Art of Living Foundation is a charitable organisation which has been offering stress management and self development programmes around the globe for the last 30 years. The Vision of the organisation is to bring a smile to every face; shown most recently in Christchurch, where they have been offering free post- earthquake de- stress courses since October 2010 to help people overcome their trauma.
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