The musicality of work, leadership, organizing and institutionality. [90 min workshop]

Craig Prichard
School of Management
Massey University [NZ]

This workshop explores the place and practice of music (interpreted broadly) in and around organizations. It is in two parts: a presentation and discussion of  the popular and academic claims about the relationship between music and work, leadership and organizations and a music workshop where the group explores,   through a series of exercises,  the formation and development of rhythm, tempo,  melody and harmony as organizing practices.

Craig is Associate Head of the Massey Univesrity School of Management [Manawatu]. He teaches leadership, change and management knowledge courses. He wrote his PhD at the University of Nottingham (UK) and his research and service work contributes to the development of critical studies of management.                   He also has a passion for music. This workshop combines all Craig’s passions.

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